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Commercial Construction Cleaning Australia

We offer a vast range of commercial construction cleaning services to end user clients of newly built office blocks or warehouses, or any newly built commercial buildings. Some of our services are listed below. If you need help with any of these services even for residential applications we are happy to help. We often do what's called a builder's clean once the builder of a house has finished their work and need to get it sparkling clean.

We leave new builds as the customer would expect them, sparkling from top to bottom. We use industry leading equipment including Australia's best dehumidifiers and HEPA vacuums to ensure all dust particles are removed. We also sell our water damage equipment online so please check out our equipment page here.

State Side Remediation are professional commercial construction cleaning experts and we operate Australia-wide. From humble beginnings, we are now considered Australia's best construction cleaning company.

Sparkle Clean

residential cleaners

State Wide Commercial Construction Cleaning performs what we call a Sparkle clean or hand over clean to any residential or commercial property, this happens prior to hand over or client move in. If you are looking for a final detail as dust may have settled or a trade has entered, we can help!

Tile Cleaning


State Wide Construction Cleaning specializes in making those tiles look like new, using safe products that will not harm any stainless steel, our product is extracted from the tile leaving it with a shine and restored to look like its original look.



This service is quoted individually and is a specialised service.

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