Hardwood Floor Drying Australia.

Hardwood floors are a classic choice for your home; at the same time, they are also incredibly vulnerable to water damage. Leaky roofs, flood, busted pipes can be the sources of damage to your gorgeous hardwood floor and may turn it into a mess in a few days. Rather than panic in these situations, it is advisable to get associated with State Side Remediation – a leader in hardwood floor drying service in Gold Coast and other parts of Australia.

Whether it is commercial or residential property, we have a specialty in hardwood floor drying in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and other parts of Australia.

Why does immediate attention necessary in hardwood water damage?

Wood naturally absorbs moisture, and under normal conditions, this level varies from 6-12%. However, if the wood is exposed to high humidity or water levels for an extended period, moisture can increase substantially and can cause wood to warp, crack, or discolour. Your hardwood floor can also swell up at the edges of the boards, which can further cost you several thousands of repair costs.

Hardwood floor drying is difficult because over-drying or drying too quickly can lead to permanent damage to the hardwood floors. At State Side Remediation, our team has the required skills, experience, and equipment to dry the hardwood floors after water damage effectively.

Various types of hardwood floors react differently to water damage. Our trained team is aware of this, and so we follow a unique approach to the dry floor for every property.

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Our approach to hardwood floor drying includes:


Once the water has been removed from your property, our experts will assess temperature and relative humidity to remove the remaining moisture from your hardwood floor. With advanced and specialized equipment, like industrial air movers and dehumidifiers, water will be retained from the floor. Our team will carefully monitor the progress through moisture meters unless the floor retains the acceptable drying goals.

Monitor floors

Our team checks the moisture levels to monitor the drying progress.

Hardwood floor drying equipment

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  • Subfloor drying & more

At State Side Remediation, we take immediate action to minimize the damage to your wood floors. For any query or assistance, call us.

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