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Residential Cleaning


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Newly Built House Cleaners

Residential Cleaning Australia

We offer a wide range of restoration & construction cleaning Australia services for both commercial & residential buildings.

State Wide Construction Cleaning is the leading construction cleaning services in Australia. Bringing each job to completion on time and under budget. State Wide Construction Cleaning Australia are willing to beat any residential cleaning quote provided and love working to a set budget provided by the builder.

builder’s clean must consist of certain procedures and steps to maintain the best results. State Wide Construction Cleaning has perfected this procedure to a fine art, allowing each builder a stress free clean knowing the job will be done right the first time. We make every possible effort to ensure that your freshly constructed building is not only clean but as DUST FREE as possible. State wide Construction Cleaning Australia offers Hepa filters on the final clean to extract and minimize reoccurring dust on handover.

As all experienced builder well know, lingering dust can be a problem through the construction cleaning process and dust will resettle after each clean.

Construction Cleaning is best performed by State Wide Construction Cleaning Australia. We offer professional and prompt construction cleaning services. State Wide Construction Cleaning provides free onsite quotes, with our work backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What is Included the Construction Cleaning Process?


This is the first stage of a builders clean, which includes the following:

Removal of plastic coverings, stickers and protection & any rubbish, State Wide Construction Cleaning call this stage the “Bulk out”. State Wide Construction Cleaning will perform an intensive Hepa Vacuum and surface wipe over, concentrating on silicone joins and preparing carpet areas for installation

PLEASE NOTE: Unless instructed otherwise State Wide Construction Cleaning recommends to leave protection on certain items to prevent scratching throughout the construction process. All work is then signed off by a site supervisor.


This is the second stage of the construction cleaning process, to make it as clear as possible for the client a “Builders clean” is a clean in which all builders product Is removed thoroughly for example, removing paint on the floor, excess silicone etc. The aim is to get the property to a “as new” standard.

Window tracks & frames, glazing (optional): State Wide Construction Cleaning Australia recommends leaving all accessible glazing protection on windows and glass until the final clean if possible, this will minimize scratching throughout the construction process and the final finish will be of a higher standard.

State Wide Construction Cleaning also clean inside cupboards to remove all dust on lights, ceilings, walls and skirtings (especially in corner joins), and remove any scuff marks. Light switches & power points, door handles etc also are cleaned. Properties are then recommended to be locked up, & only known trades should enter after this time onwards. Any additional mess will be cleaned up by the known entering trades or a back charge will incur.

All work is then signed off by the State Wide Construction Cleaning Australia supervisor and the Builder's supervisor.


This is the third stage and includes a major construction clean throughout all areas. This is a top to bottom clean.

State Wide Construction Cleaning recommend this being the longest and most detailed clean so we can achieve best finish results, we perform a final clean to all glazing removing the protection of the glass.

Additional Construction Celeaning Services

Sparkle Clean

residential cleaners

State wide construction cleaning performs what we call a Sparkle clean or hand over clean to any residential or commercial property, this happens prior to hand over or client move in. If you are looking for a final detail as dust may have settled or a trade has entered, we can help!

Tile Cleaning


State Wide Construction Cleaning specializes in making those tiles look like new, using safe products that will not harm any stainless steel, our product is extracted from the tile leaving it with a shine and restored to look like its original look.



This service is quoted individually and is a specialised service.

Contact us on 1300 662 770 today about our abseiling building and window cleaning services.

Cleaning Up After Tradesmen

Call Us: 1300 662 770

Please contact us for bookings or emergency call out services on 1300 662 770 or click the button below to fill out the quote form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Whether you are a builder, developer, property agent or simply building your own home, the last thing you want to do at handover is clean builder's dirt and remove trade rubbish.

After the tradesmen walk out, let State Wide Construction Cleaning walk in and take care of the construction cleaning for you. We are experts in domestic and commercial cleaning, guaranteeing a meticulous result every time.

We understand you want the building to look its absolute best when presented to your client, so when looking for professional construction cleaning company nation-wide contact the best, who you know will turn up and perform. You can trust State Wide Construction Cleaning Australia for peace of mind in all construction cleaning services.

With over 25 years combined experience, our reputation as Australia's safest and best construction cleaning company giving us the advantage on our competitors.

Fully Trained in Site Safety

Safe working practices are important, State Wide Construction Cleaning ensure our commercial cleaners follow all legislative standards and Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. Our construction cleaning crews are highly trained for all challenging cleaning conditions.

Outfitted with the latest equipment (PPE), products and training State Wide Construction Cleaning Australia onsite leading hand guarantees safety of all personnel and property, maintaining at all times a safe work space, ensuring protection of your asset (building). A safe and clean work site aids in our guarantee to completing all jobs within the provided deadline.

Work with Property Agents & Builders

Call Us: 1300 662 770

Please contact us for bookings or emergency call out services on 1300 662 770 or click the button below to fill out the quote form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

As providers of professional and reliable construction cleaning, we know exactly what real estate agents, builders and developers are expecting. A comprehensively cleaned property is important. Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and other major cities nationwide we can ensure you have the most competitive edge possible when selling.

Security of your home or office is also our priority. As a result of the increased need in security, State Wide Construction Cleaning guarantees you’ll get insured, police checked and trained cleaners that we would happily have in our homes & businesses.

State Wide Construction Cleaning Australia is family owned and operated that is passionate about the construction cleaning business. As the owners, we work side by side with our experienced team of trained cleaners. State Wide Construction Cleaning takes a very practical and hands on approach to work, staff and clients.

Book a construction cleaning service with State Wide Construction Cleaning. We deliver peace of mind knowing that our team will treat your property as they would their own. Call 1300 662 770 today to discuss your needs for construction cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

State wide construction cleaning works closely with all major commercial and residential builders, providing a quality control system second to none allowing our services to be guaranteed and stress free.

Our on-site supervisor & leading hands allocated with every site offers a one on one personalized experience, performing regular checks and defects list before the builder checks are performed allowing for the least number of defects.

State wide Construction Cleaning are also willing to beat any quote you are provided, allowing the builder to maintain all budgets. State wide construction cleaning have been performing builders cleans over 6 years.

State Side Remediation Company Values

Here at State Wide Construction Cleaning we pride ourselves on our values and are happy to provide references upon request.

  • Compassion

    Consistently acting with empathy and integrity.

  • Accountability

    Taking responsibility for our decisions and actions.

  • Respect

    For the rights, beliefs and choice of every individual.

  • Excellence

    Inspiring and motivating, innovation and achievement.

  • Reliable

    We make every effort to offer a trusted and reliable experience to our clients.

  • Safety

    Prioritising safety as an essential part of everyday practice. ​​​

State Wide Construction Cleaning offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, & professionalism which contributes to us being the best construction cleaning company in Australia.

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